About Easi Africa Safaris


Mission Statement

Hunting is not our job, it is our passion.  “Mama Africa” has so much to offer and we are sharing it with everyone.  Our passion, respect and ethics are the corners that form our triangle of success.  We are a dedicated team of professionals who will ensure that your safari is an “African Dream” come true.  Read our Testimonials, to see what our clients say about us at Easi Africa Safaris.


Meet our team

about us easi africa safarisAbrie Pretorius
(Director, Outfitter & Professional Hunter)

Favourite animal: Kudu.
Favourite caliber: .308 Win Mag.
Favourite place: Anywhere I can fish and hunt.
Favourite film: The return of the man who never came back.
Favourite song: Africa, Toto.
Favourite meal: T-Bone steak.
Most memorable moment: When my son harvested his first animal.

Abrie had his first harvest at the age of 6.  He has been hunting for over 30 years and professionally for the past 11 years.  He is known as the people’s PH, with his calm and easy going character.  He will always have a smile for you no matter what.  He has an in depth knowledge of the bush and the animals and conduct his hunting ethically and passionately.  Abrie is a specialist in many areas and one of those is bow hunting. Following a shoulder operation he mastered the art of shooting his compound bow with one arm by using his teeth to draw the bow.  He is also our in house dangerous game PH with many successful hunts under his belt.  Abrie is registered to hunt professionally in the Eastern Cape and Limpopo Province.  Being a family man he is very keen to transfer his knowledge and skills to his children.  Abrie truly is an asset to Easi Africa Safaris with the knowledge, experience and passion he brings.
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about us easi africa safarisWerner Starbuck
(Director, Safari Consultant & Professional Hunter)

Favourite animal: Nyala.
Favourite caliber: .300 Win Mag.
Favourite place: Parys II, Rooibok Kraal.
Favourite film: Blood Diamond.
Favourite song: Keep in mind, LoCash Cowboys.
Favourite meal: Vetkoek. My mother makes the best vetkoek in the world.
Most memorable moment: It is difficult to say, I have so many fantastic memories, but it will have to be when my son harvested his first animal and I had the privilege to be his PH.

Werner has always had a passion for Africa and everything it has to offer.  From very early on he made a real connection with nature.  After leaving school he went to university and became a teacher, but he never lost his connection with hunting and photographic safaris.  During his holidays, he conducted several safaris in both fields. Although he had his first harvest later in life, it gave him a better understanding of the ethics and responsability of hunting and conservation.  He has been hunting for over 20 years and professionally for the past 4 years. His attention to detail is second to none and this is one of Werner’s biggest attributes at Easi Africa Safaris.  His knowledge and experience of the animals and the bush is always appreciated by his clients. Werner is registered to hunt in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal and is currently working towards his dangerous game accreditation.
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Where are we?

Our locations speaks volumes about Easi Africa Safaris.  We are based in South Africa’s malaria free Eastern Cape Province; the second largest Province in our beautiful country.  We have a number of concessions and privately owned lodges we use for all our safari’s.  The most popular of these are Nxakwe Lodge near Fort Beaufort and Honeykop near Grahamstown.  We can also be found on the banks of the beautiful Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe, where we hunt on a land area of over 300,000 ha.  To extend our access to hunting further, we are privileged to have concessions in KwaZulu Natal and Limpopo Province as well.


What do we offer?

about us easi africa safarisEasi Africa Safaris offer hunting, fishing and photographic safaris across the whole South Africa.  Our hunting is conducted in the Eastern Cape, Limpopo Province, KwaZulu Natal and Zimbabwe.  We do not believe that hunting is restricted to just some people; we believe it is open to all people.  No matter what your desires are we will deliver, with respect and success, to the very best of our ability.  We also offer fine wing shooting and fishing safaris.


For those wishing not to hunt, and rather use a camera to shoot, we offer photographic safaris to your specific requirements.  South Africa is vast and there is so much to explore.  From Cape Town to the Kruger; diving or golfing; nothing is ever too much for us to  make your dream holiday an adventure.