Fishing Safaris


South Africa offers a diverse array of fishing practices and Easi Africa Safaris will offer you  some of the best of these from Fly Fishing, Fishing Charters to Rock and Surf fishing. Throughout the years we have discovered and fished highly productive and well preserved fishing stocks that will guarantee an experience unlike any other, as most of the areas are beautifully isolated and untouched.


Fly Fishing   


We have a wonderful selection of target species for fly fishing. Your fly fishing experience with us will to take you to the mighty Orange River where you will find Yellowfish from the shore or adrift. There are two types of Yellowfish, the large and the small mouth.  Small mouth are mainly targeted through the Czech nymphing method and are caught in rapid flowing waters.  The hits are unbelievably strong and fast, fighting pound for pound, and are one of the few fish species caught on fly that will run down your backing line. It is truly a phenomenal catch and one of the most untapped stocks in South Africa. These fish are wild and plentiful!

Trout fishing is mainly done on well stocked dams and rivers near the Lesotho border.  In the early 1990’s farmers started stocking the rivers and today the fish thrive in this eco system. It offers a a thrilling fishing experience to the angler.


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Rock and Surf


Rock and Surf primarily focus on the art of lure fishing.  The target species are mainly Cob, Grunter and Garrick however, other species are also available. Fishing techniques are very similar that for Sea Bass, with the use of paddle tails, bucktails and top water lures. Fishing will depend on your personal preference, as we offer specific sites throughout South Africa’s coast line, from the South Coast to the Wild Coast. 



You can also contact us direct for any of your Fishing Safari enquiries.  Pierre Joubert, our in house specialist, can be reached on