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cull hunting south africa

– Novice Huntress –

This is my second trip to South Africa and it just gets better. I am relatively new to hunting and have taken it up to share my husband Richard’s interest in country pursuits.

We opted for a 6 nights and 5 day hunting package which was extended to allow one evening in Johannesburg on our arrival and three days in Port Elizabeth for our return journey. Both Werner and Abrie owners, partners and professional hunters in Easi Africa Safaris were exceptional in making sure we were met at the Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth airports and ensured our transfer with firearms went smoothly. We did not have to think or do anything, they did it all for us. What a lovely friendly welcome; we knew we were in for a fabulous time.

As a result of feeling quite refreshed from our air travel Abrie treated us to some off road driving on the way to Nxakwe lodge and started to point out the wildlife as soon as we left Port Elizabeth. His spotting skills are second to none as I could only see the wildlife that was not hidden by trees and bush. In no time at all we arrived at the lodge (on the way in we spotted an injured Impala) wow, never mind about unpacking our bags, Abrie took no time at all in getting us to the firing range to check the zeroing on my rifle and before you know it within the hour of arriving I had my first animal.

Unknown to me my husband spoke to Werner to upgrade my Kudu cow to a bull, but also unknown to him I had secretly been conspiring with Abrie to add a Zebra to his hunting package as a late birthday present. Both Werner and Abrie must have found it quite amusing to keep a secret from each of their clients until the time came to do the actual stalk. They kept the secret well as neither of us knew what the other had planned until we were on the animal that we were to hunt. Well done guys.

The lodge itself is delightful, and Jaco the lodge manager with his staff provided an outstanding service. We loved the hot water bottles in our beds as it was quite chilly at night and it just added to the fact that our comfort was always being looked after day or night. The bathroom facilities were great although we did not use the roll top bath. The shower delivered powered hot water, which is always welcoming after a successful days hunting with Abrie and our tracker Frindre. We spent the evenings either around the Braai or in the hunting lodge bar with Werner, Abrie, Jaco and another client swopping our life stories. The atmosphere was so friendly and welcoming especially when the black Russian vodka drinks were flowing. Breakfast was always spent around the campfire and the evening meals in the beautifully decorated dining room above the bar area. The meals nearly always consisted of game; the lasagne made with impala meat and spices was the best lasagne I ever tasted. We were exposed to various delicious local traditional fare but you would have to come out and try it for yourself.

To end our successful fun filled and exciting hunting trip we spent a few relaxing days in Port Elizabeth and the service did not stop there. Abrie our PH then took us out for a full day of excursions comprising of a visit to monkey world, birds of Eden and a thrilling zip wire canopy tour through a tree conservation area.

Thank you Werner and Abrie for making my holiday quite special and I have no hesitation in recommending your outfit to anyone who would like to experience South Africa whether it is for hunting or going to see what else this beautiful country has to offer. Richard and I now both consider Werner and Abrie and their family lifelong friends.

Carol, United Kingdom

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– 006; Man with a borrowed Gun –

The last time Carol and I visited South Africa, we decided that if we were to be able to go again we would stay longer.  This time we opted for a 12 day trip, with a 6 nights and 5 day hunting package in the Eastern Cape and then round our trip off by spending some days in Port Elizabeth.  I had arranged this trip with Werner Starbuck joint owner with Abrie Pretorious of Easi Africa Safaris.  I have to say we were enthusiastically met at Johannesburg airport by Werner  and when we travelled on to Port Elizabeth we were collected by Abrie, who was wearing one of the biggest and hearty smiles we had yet seen; what a friendly welcome!  I had a feeling this trip was going to go well!  These guys went out of their way to ensure accommodation, transit, baggage etc. went smoothly and ‘Wow’ what a trip it would be.

Abrie who would be our professional hunter while in the Eastern Cape, soon had us loaded into the Bakkie, the one with “Genetically Engineered to Hunt” across the back; you know this will be fun and soon we were off to the concession near Fort Beaufort.  As soon as we were away from the city and into the bush we got talking about rifles and game and as we left the tarmac and onto the concession, Abrie in no time demonstrated his spotting skills with all the different game varieties.  We arrived at Nxakwe lodge, our home for the next few days and were given a warm welcome by Jaco, camp manager and we were soon introduced to the camp team.  Abrie had made a comment that for all our travelling we looked really fresh, so let’s get the rifle unpacked (never mind the rest of the baggage) and check the zero.  In short order Abrie his tracker Frindre, my wife and I were in the Bakkie, let’s go hunting!  Those first few hours of seeing so many different game species and the sheer number, we were lucky to spot during our first afternoon of walk and stalk hunting, I will remember for a long time!  I can still smell it now!

We returned to Nxakwe lodge late that afternoon and what can I say, Jaco the lodge manager with his team provided an outstanding service.  Our thatched ensuite two bed chalet was impressive, spacious and very clean, the bathroom facilities were great, the shower delivered rakes of powered hot water, morning or evening, which is always welcoming after a successful days hunting!  That evening we sampled an excellent meal that would set the standard for the week ahead.  The following evenings would be spent either around the Braai camp fire or in the hunting lodge bar with Werner, Abrie, Jaco and one of their clients, Debs, sharing our days hunting experiences and life stories.  The atmosphere was so friendly and welcoming especially when some top quality South African red wine was introduced!  Then when you went to turn in, hot water bottles in our beds to take the chill of the night, these guys know how to keep the female cliental happy!  Breakfast was spent around the campfire, loads of percolated coffee to fire you up for the day ahead!

We had five days of great hunting with Abrie and his tracker Frindre.  Both Carol and I had spoken secretly to the guys to surprise each other with different game, they must have laughed!!  On my first full day on a hunt I was so pleased to have spotted a Zebra, and then Abrie told me to focus as one was on my list!  I will never forget that day stalking the Zebra herd, priceless!  Abrie and Frindre, sheer professionals in the way they sought and tracked game, proper walk and stalk hunting.  When the day came for my wife’s Kudu, I will never forget the look on her face when she got her Kudu bull we had kept it secret for four days; Abrie played a smart one on her!  I always enjoyed our visit to the skinning shed, seeing the animals professionally processed and Frindre’s smiley face when he showed the shot heart of Carol’s Kudu bull.  We had our light hearted moments as well, when we got the Bakkie stuck was one of them!  Did I mention the 375 Warthog, what an afternoon!  To end our successful hunting trip we spent a few relaxing days in Port Elizabeth which included Abrie taking us on a thrilling zip wire canopy tour through Tsitiskamma tree conservation area.

For anyone reading this I have to say a big thank you to Werner and Abrie, plus their team for making this trip special.  I have no hesitation in recommending these guys to anyone who would like to enjoy and experience South Africa.  We both consider Werner and Abrie and their family lifelong friends.  Phone or email these guys, you will have to come out and try it for yourselves; you won’t regret it!

Richard, United Kingdom

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Lone SheWolf

trophy hunting south africa

– Lone Female Hunting Adventure –

My first trip to South Africa for a 5 day safari with a difference and for the lone female hunter, is something I will not forget.

I was met by Werner Starbuck, co-owner of Easi Africa Safaris and my Professional Hunter, at the airport, and from that point on until my return to Johannasburg; I was in safe hands and pleasant company.

From Port Elizabeth, we drove into bush country north of Grahamstown to the Nxakwe Lodge. We were met by Jaco Pieterse, Lodge Manager, and his support staff. The atmosphere, service and accommodation was fantastic; from the meet and greet tea & cakes,hot showers and hot water-bottles for those chilly nights, to the three course evening meals; with ingredients locally sourced from farms and town: equal to the food and service in some of the best restaurants in the UK.

Werner’s business partner and friend, Abrie and his clients joined us later on the 1st day, having had a successful hunting day. The evenings around the ‘braai’ talking and drinking (hot coffee, local beer or the occasional vodka caprioska’s) are not the for the feint hearted… if you want to make that early morning wake-up call to see the sunrise and eat that hearty breakfast!

I want to thank Werner and our Tracker Sharpie for 5 great days hunting.

Deborah, United Kingdom

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Finch Family

photo safaris south africa

– Photographic Safari 2015 –

Fantastic!! What a holiday, from start to finish there was never a dull moment with plenty of things to see and photograph; not just animals but views, cultural items, buildings, birds and many many more things. My son who is a bit of a ‘twitcher’ was blown away with so many birds to photograph.  It was lovely of Werner our guide and Director of Easi Africa Safaris to always stop when he asked him to, so he could take a picture of a particular bird. Werner even went out of his way to provide updated information of birds in South Africa so we could all make sure we knew what it was we were looking at. In fact this part of the holiday soon became great fun for all of us and a firm favourite.

Would we recommend Easi Africa Safaris to others for photographic safaris? The simple answer is yes, nothing was ever too great or to small, we were always put first right from the first discussions on what it was we were looking for in a photographic safari, to taking us to the check in desk at our final destination. Werner even undertook a mammoth 12 hour drive to ensure we did not lose 2 days of the holiday after weather and technical difficulties at the airport ensured our flight was grounded indefinitely.  This showed to us the dedication he has to his clients.

When approaching Werner please do not hesitate to tell him all your likes and dislikes. He then goes away an puts an itinerary together but with so many more ideas and things that make your trip spectacular, as he is a local South African based in the UK and has a profound depth of knowledge of the country and was therefore able to advise us on what else we should incorporate into the trip.  Many of the things suggested we did not even know about or believe we could fit in, for example my son went ostrich riding – it was great fun to watch and we have never laughed so much! Or the trip to a traditional Zulu village.

Werner was a wonderful guide and always tried to answer all our questions and if he did not know the immediate answer he would go away and find out for us.

As you can see from the above, Easi Africa Safaris cater very well for children, not once did my son complain he was bored or fed up, he was kept engaged at all times and was also asked his opinions and thoughts for the day; he was truly part of the team. Something that is on all parents minds when embarking on a huge trip like this is the safety of their child, never once was our safety compromised and never did we feel unsafe. We believe a lot of this is to Werner being South African and understanding how things work within the country.

We have left South Africa with the most wonderful memories and some amazing photographs, some are here for you to view and should you choose Easi Africa Safaris be prepared to make new lifelong friends and fall in love with a magical country.

Rebecca, Justin and Reeve, Guernsey-United Kingdom

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Uncle Jim

cull hunting packages south africa

– First time with Easi Africa Safaris –

I had my first opportunity to hunt with Easi Africa Safaris in February, 2014.  It proved to be an excellent experience and hunt.  I had several days of hunting plains game, and the Professional Hunter was on top of every situation.  I never felt like I was under any pressure.  We walked-and-stalked  every animal, and the PH always “placed” me in a good position for clean shots.  I shot Eland, Blue Wildebeest, Waterbuck, Red Hartebeest, Kudu as well as numerous other animals.  I had some time to view and photograph wildlife without thinking about hunting.  I “shot” some animals with the camera that would have been nice “takes” through the scope of my rifle!  I would recommend hunting with Easi Africa Safaris to any hunter who wants to experience South Africa hunting at its best.

Jim, United States

Welcome back Uncle Jim

trophy hunting packages south africa

– Round number two with Easi Africa Safaris –

I returned to South Africa in late July 2014 for another hunt with Easi Africa Safaris. Werner Starbuck, Director and Professional Hunters, picked me up at Johannesburg airport from where he took me to my hotel and dinner. The next morning, Abrie, “my” PH, picked me up at the hotel, and we drove to the Northwest Province for a two-day safari where I would hunt a white lion and some plains game. Hunting went well and by noon the next day, I had my lion and four plains game, and we were on our way back to Johannesburg. The next morning, we flew to Zimbabwe and arrived at our camp on Lake Kariba after dark. We were looking for Hippopotamus and Elephant and over the next thee days, I hunted a Crocodile, large Hippo bull and an Elephant bull. Abrie and Jason, the local PH, did an outstanding job of getting me onto the animals. We also had time for some fishing on Lake Kariba. The entire experience with Easi Africa Safaris and the areas we hunted, was incredible. I was amazed at how well the complete hunt came together in spite of some last minute changes. I highly recommend Easi Africa Safaris for a fine hunting experience.

Jim, United States

One more Uncle Jim

trophy hunting eastern cape

– Third safari with Easi Africa Safaris –

April 2015 found me in South Africa for my third hunt with Easi Africa Safaris.  Abrie my regular Professional Hunter and friend met me at Port Elizabeth airport.  We hunted the Eastern Cape and Limpopo Province over a two week period with amazing success on some fantastic concessions.  I was able to shoot four animals with my crossbow from a blind.  All the other game was taken on a walk-and-stalk basis which was both interesting and challenging.  I managed to shoot over two dozen animals and ten species which proved to be another outstanding and successful experience with Easi Africa Safaris.

Jim, United States


cull hunting south africa

– “I love pig hunting” –

I hunted with Abrie, co-owner of Easi Africa Safaris, four times in the past and he is the real deal.  He is the best money can buy and you will find he is very easy to get along with.  You will laugh a lot, see a lot of game and he will get you within range of any animal to hunt.  He is by far the best PH you will ever have!  You will part as friends for life and wanting more; that is why I go back to Easi Africa Safaris.

Tod, United States