Travel Advice

Planning your “African Dream” takes a lot of time and the things to consider are endless; what to wear, what equipment to take, will there be a laundry service and the list simply goes on?  To help you plan your safari, we offer some guidelines on what to take with you. Should you require more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your Safety

No matter where you travel in the world, safety will always be a factor in some shape or from.  Your safety and that of your loved ones will always be at the top of our priorities.  Whether it is in a city, on the road or in the filed we will do what we can to ensure you are always safe.  We are experienced professionals and know what to look for in any situation.  Although we do not anticipate any threat to you or your loved ones, we do have to make you aware of it as a matter of caution.  If you are unsure, ask us or simply just follow our guidelines.  This is you holiday and we want you to enjoy it.

Booking Flights

Although we do not sell any flights, we will assist you in finding flights that will meet your travel requirements.  When planning your flight, please ensure you confirm your safari dates prior to making any reservation.

  • This will ensure that you have the correct port of entry into Africa and that no amendments were made to your booking.
  • When hunting in the Eastern Cape, your port of entry into South Africa will be Johannesburg from where you will connect to Port Elizabeth, East London or any other airport near your hunting area.
  • When applying for a temporary firearms import permit, please ensure to confirm with the airline that they will carry your weapon and the costs involved.  South African Airways will currently carry any firearms at no cost, but the flights may be slightly more expensive.

Firearms and Temporary Import Permits

Anyone, who is travelling from abroad, wishing to hunt with their own firearms in South Africa, will require a temporary firearms import permit.

  • These permits can be obtained prior to your arrival and speeds the clearance process up.
  • An application will have to be submitted no later than 25 days prior to your entry into South Africa.
  • We work closely with Air2000 who will forward all the documentation needed to obtain your permit.
  • Easi Africa Safaris will also forward you a “Letter of invitation” to accompany your application.
  • You will be required to show proof of ownership of any firearms and this can be obtained from the Police in your country of residence.


Passport and Visa requirements

All foreign nationals will require a passport to enter South Africa.

  • Please ensure that you confirm with your booking agent or Consulate what these requirements are or alternatively do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.
  • South African law requires that you have at least one totally blank page in your passport, to be able to enter the country.  We recommend that you have at least four  blank pages. Some travellers have been denied entry for failing to comply with these conditions.  The last thing we would want is for clients to be turned away at the customs office.
  • Visitors are also advised to carry a copy or copies of the photo information page of their passport and keep it separate from the original.
  • A copy of your travel/medical insurance is also advised and we will require such a copy prior to your arrival at the lodge.  This will assist us with any medical issues, should you be incapacitated for any reason.  Your safety and well-being is our first and foremost priority.
  • When travelling with children, please ensure that you have an un-abridged original birth certificate with you at all times, as it is now a requirement by the SAPS.  If only one of the parents are travelling with a child you will require a letter from the other parent, stating that he/she has granted their permission.  Please contact us before you travel or your booking agent to ensure that you have the latest information to hand.


There are some requirements for vaccinations when you travel to Africa.

  • In many cases you will only need a booster for a vaccination you will have had in the past.
  • Please consult your GP or nurse for more information on vaccinations.
  • The Eastern Cape is a malaria free zone, so no medication is required.
  • In many cases, your travel insurance broker will require you to take malaria tablets when visiting a high risk zone, even during winter months.


Although we cannot ever predict the weather, we have provided you with some information below on what conditions may be like during your safari.






March – April







June – August




September – August



Recommended Clothing

We provide a laundry service in all our lodges, so there is no need to over pack for your safari. We recommend the following items of clothing for your safari.

  • 3 pairs of hunting trousers.
  • 2 pairs of shorts.
  • 3 short or long sleeve cotton shirts.
  • 4 pairs of socks.
  • 1 jumper/jersey.
  • 1 hunting jacket.
  • 1 pair of comfortable hunting boots.
  • 1 pair of trainers/sneakers/hiking boots.
  • 1 bush hat or baseball cap.
  • 1 pair of medium weight gloves.
  • 1 light rain coat.
  • 1 set of comfortable lodge clothes i.e. sweatpants/jogging bottoms, t-shirt and jumper/sweatshirt.
  • Camouflage clothing is not a necessity. Dark green, khaki, brown, tan or any other dull color will be sufficient for hunting.

Hunting Equipment

  • 1 pair of binoculars; we recommend 10 x 42.
  • 1 camera, extra batteries and extra SD card.
  • 1 electric converter – 120 volt to 220 volt converter.
  • For plains games. We recommend any of the following calibers .270, .308, .30-06, .300 Mag., .338 or 7mm Mag.
  • For dangerous game we recommend .375 H&H or Ruger as the minimum caliber requirement.
  • Depending on the caliber, we recommend a minimum of 150gr. or above.
  • Scope of your choice. 3-9 or 4-10 is more than enough.
  • Although your Professional Hunter will have shooting sticks, please feel free to bring your own should you desire this.
  • We recommend a soft gun case whilst travelling in the vehicle.
  • A gun sling is also recommended.
  • 1 flash light.
  • A standard hunting knife.

Gratuities & Tipping

Many of our clients have asked us about the standards for gratuities and tipping. There is no set standard and most certainly no obligation for gratuities and tipping. It is merely a reflection on the overall service and experience during your safari that justifies such generosity. However, should you feel you wish to reward our staff, it is our company policy that any gratuities are presented directly to them.